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At the beginning of March this year, the Comune of Naples announced that it was going to spend the incredible sum of €3.5 million on restoring 27 of the city’s monuments.

The project will cover a wide variety, from fountains to bridges, benches to obelisks.

Have you ever walked along Via Chiaia and noticed the bridge that crosses it?  Well if you have, you’ve probably noticed the net that hangs below it, and all the footballs stuck in it!  Not for much longer, as the Comune has designated €265,000 for work such as re-inforcing the structure, restoring decorative elements and removing plants growing on it.

If you ever take a walk along San Gregorio Armeno, the narrow street famous for making the traditional “presepe”, then you are bound to see the statue of San Gaetano in Piazza San Gaetano, where San Gregorio Armeno meets Via Tribunali.  The lovely statue has had €50,000 allocated for such activities as cleaning, replacing broken pieces of marble and protecting against graffiti.

Another wonderful monument getting some much needed help is the often overlooked Spina Corona fountain.  This fountain is said to represent Partenope, a Greek siren, who is either putting the fire of Vesuvius out, or calming the tumultuous Neapolitan population with water pouring from her breasts.  As with the statue of San Gaetano, the money allocated to this fountain (€19,000) will go on cleaning, repairing and protecting the fountain.

In Piazza Bellini, the Greek walls and statue of Bellini will also be cleaned, repaired and protected, with a combined total of €223,000.

Besides the above, there are obviously many more monuments which will be restored, such as a number of features of the Villa Comunale, like benches and temples.

For a full list and more information from the Comune about the proposed plans for these monuments, click here.