Concerts, workshops, treasure hunts, cycling excursions, bike stunts, video projections, children’s activites, a photographic exhibition, and much more, which will culminate with the Têtes de Bois pedal powered concert on September 23rd at 2030.

Promoted by the European Commission, European Mobility Week is an annual campaign on sustainable urban mobility. The goal of the campaign, which runs from 16 to 22 September every year, is to encourage local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to car use, be it commuting on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

The theme this year is Moving in the Right Direction!

Who would not want to live in a city where the air is clean and where there is little noise. A place free of congestion, where getting around town is easy and citizens enjoy a high quality of life. A city that you are proud of because it is protecting the climate and that is known across Europe for being innovative and forward looking. With some strategic thinking it is possible to make this vision a reality.

Naples joins over 1880 cities throughout Europe with a jam packed schedule of events that range from the opening of the Toledo Metro Station, to walks and bike rides through Naples most cherished neighborhoods, to the huge Napoli Bike Festival at Villa Comunale.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on tap:

Walking in September for the Via Nova – 15 – 23 Sep 2012

New Toledo Metro Station to Open September 17th – 17 Sep 2012

E-Day – Presenting and Test Driving Electric Vehicles – 18 Sep 2012

Meet the WWF – 18 Sep 2012

Presentation of Salva i ciclisti. La bicicletta è politica – 18 Sep 2012

Bee – Green Mobility Sharing: Promoting Car and Bike Sharing – 20 Sep 2012

Presentation of ANM Information Systems ANM Google Transit, City & Bus – 20 Sep 2012

I Bike Porta Capuana: Guided Tour of the Historic Centre – 21 Sep 2012

Napoli Bike Festival – 21 Sep 2012 – 23 Sep 2012

Meet the WWF – 22 Sep 2012

Closing of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility – 23 Sep 2012