If not for Holly, you might think that Napoli Unplugged had gone dormant – or at the very least – radio silent. Thankfully, while I have been consumed with “the book”, Holly has been here keeping the NU pages humming, posting events and sharing her weekend picks in her “Have a Holly Jolly Weekend”. Thank you so much Holly for keeping things on track during my extended absence!!!

I’ve been so busy in fact, that I somehow let slip by NU’s fifth birthday this past January. I cannot believe it’s been that long. It has been an amazing five years and though there are too many of you to mention, please know that I’m so incredibly grateful for all the help and support you have all shown me along the way.

Happy Birthday Napoli Unplugged!!!

Meanwhile, it’s been nearly two years in the making – but I am happy to report that we have finally finished the book – the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples!!! We approved the proofs at the end of last month and it is now in the capable hands of our printer. This has been a truly rewarding collaboration with a group of amazing women: Barbara Zaragoza,  Penny Ewles-Bergeron and our graphics designer Erin Romano with special help from blogger extraordinaire Gillian Longworth McGuire and a number of gorgeous illustrations from the über talented artist Kelly Medford. We also procured some amazing sketches by Lorenzo Dotti and Simonetta Capecchi.

Our official launch is scheduled for May, but we hope to have printed and electronic copies available for purchase before that. Until then, you can pre-order a copy at a “wee bit” of a discount and you can keep up with the latest news and find out more about our launch events on our new Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples FB page.

The year got off to a very sad start with the passing of the city’s beloved Pino Daniele. The city, the region, the country and the world mourned the loss of this talented musician, writer, poet and Neapolitan icon. Grief gripped us all and the community at large turned out for two gatherings in Piazza del Plebiscito, a “flash mob” on January 6th and another gathering on January 7th, following Daniele’s funeral in Rome. Naples Mayor, Luigi de Magistris declared the day of his funeral a day of mourning. Flags were flown at half-mast and Daniele’s music played mournfully in the background on the metros and funiculars.

Daniele’s ashes were put on display at Castel Nuovo for about 10 days starting from the 12th of January for those wishing to pay their last respects. More articles in English:

The new year also brought confusion and frustration with the region’s restructuring of it’s public transport ticket and fare system (thanks again to Holly for getting this all sorted out and updated on the website). While some riders will see a cost savings with the addition of agency issued tickets, for most, the new system is just more confusing and more expensive. The agency issued tickets which are valid for one single journey only on one single mode of transport will save me €0.50 on my jaunts up to the Vomero to visit our resident geologist Ann for example. Most riders transiting around the city will, however, need the new integrated TIC ticket (Ticket Integrato Campania), a fare increase of €0.20 from the discontinued €1.30 Unico Napoli ticket. Tourists will also most likely opt for the more expensive integrated tickets for travel around the city and most disappointingly, the daily tickets for travel around the region have been done away with.

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The Month Ahead

When you think February in Italy, two things come to mind: Carnivale and Valentines Day. For Carnevale (or for Valentines Day for that matter), why not try whipping up one of Giuseppe’s favourite Carnivale dishes: Lasagna NapoletanaMigliaccio Salato di Carnevale or Graffe Napoletane, or try Kathy Ayer’s Chiacchiere. Speaking of Giuseppe, after a very long hiatus, he will be back at the stove this month whipping up more Neapolitan favourites.

For the Winter Visitor to Napoli town – With the sun low in the sky, Naples is probably at its most beautiful this time of year. Walk the Lungomare, take a stroll through some of the city’s parks and gardens, or head up high for panoramic views of the Bay. For the rainy days, visit any one of Naples many museums, and don’t forget… January and February record the lowest number of visitors to Pompeii and Herculaneum so its the best time of year to visit these two world renowned archaeological sites.

La Napoli di Bellavista – Photography exhibition by Luciano De Crescenzo

For the Napoli Expat – don’t forget the monthly Naples International Happy Hour on Feb 4th, weekly services every Sunday at Christ Church, the monthly meeting of the American International Womens’ Club on February 14th and Cinema in Original Language at the Cinema Academy Astra (presented by  CLA – Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) and at Multicinema Modernissimo. Find all of Naples English Speaking events.

Buon Carnevale, Happy Valentines Day and have a great February everyone!!!