A hands on science museum set in 15,000 square meters of a restored steel works plant, the Naples Science Center, Citta della Scienza, was the first museum of its kind in Italy. Born in 1987, it was brought to life in 1996 by the foundation, Fondazione IDIS, and quickly became an integral part of the Naples community. An especially kid friendly museum,  it served over 350,000 visitors a year.

On March 4, 2013, a tragic fire destroyed the Città della Scienza, leaving the community devastated. Within a few months however, the museum had reopened its doors to a handful of exhibits which include:

Einstein’s Games
Volcanoes Adventure
Fatal Attraction
Educational Garden
Selection from Gnam: Agricolture in Campania matters – and the secrets of healthy eating
Inflatable Planetarium

As the Città della Scienza continues rebuilding, it strives to offer rich and varied programming to the public. Meanwhile, anyone wishing to aid in the reconstruction of Naples Science Center can find more info about how to help here.