Naples cultural association Corpo di Napoli and the Comune of Salerno announced last week that they have signed an agreement to host a parallel exhibit during the 2012 Christmas season.

The  famous Luci d’Artista that in recent years has become a major tourist attraction in Salerno will light up Naples famed Christmas Alley, San Gregorio Armeno, while at the same time, at the Pomona Temple in Salerno an exposition of works of the best Prespe artisans will be on display.

Artists include: Fratelli Gambardella, Buonincontro, D’Auria, Sciuscià, Cosmos, Fusco, Originalità di Pulcinella, Marco Ferrigno, Cesarini, Alpa Presepi, Petrucciani, Pepe, Onofrio, Gambardella Presepi, Lucio Ferrigno, Il Mondo dei pastori, Maddaloni, Gambardella Pastori, the sculptor Riccardo Ruggiano, and the workshop of traditional musical instruments, L’Officina della Tammorra.

The exhibits will run from 1 December 2012 to 6 January 2013. In collaboration with the Salerno San Lazzaro cultural association, there will also be internships and public demonstrations of the ancient techniques used to create the works. Additionally, Trenitalia has reached an agreement to additional trains between Salerno and Naples for the Christmas Season.

And finally, thanks to the collaboration of the Archbishop of Naples, the original copy of the “Painted Presepe” by Salerno artist Mario Carotenuto will be on display at the Basilica di Santa Restituta in Naples Cathedral – Il Duomo.