If you love your books let them go.

A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you.

When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched.

But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.


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These are the main concepts of the socio-cultural phenomenon

“bookcrossing”… that is sweeping the world and ..now… landing in Naples.

Have you ever thought about the free sharing of books all over the world?

The goal of Bookcrossing is to become a huge and completely free library open

to all; from hand to hand, shared volumes will enrich the heritage of common


The idea of Bookcrossing was born in March 2001  and the website was

launched in April 2001  thanks to the cooperation between Ron Hornbaker his

wife, Kaori, and cofounders Bruce & Heather Pedersen; the team that continues

to make all of this happen is based in Sandpoint, Idaho.

The site could not work without the BookCrossing volunteers from around the

world who help with various projects, spread the movement, and handle

support questions.

To be a BookCrosser you need to love your books, love to read them and love

the idea of sharing your book with others.

Your book could reach the opposite site of the world, and in this way you can

make new friends and talk about the subjects you have in common.

In fact the aim of Bookcrossing is to connect people through books.


How it works.

The procedure is very simple: your books will be recorded in the international

website of Bookcrossing, it will be assigned a unique code – the BCID.

The code will be the permanent passport book, which will be able to travel

freely around the world. Who will find it will record the discovery, by simply

entering the code online. On the site you can find out where you left off, given

away, deliberately forgotten to charity …

The book begins a journey…


Landing in Naples.

From November 10th to December 2nd there will be a “bookcrossing area”

inside the mall “Cartiera” in Pompeii, an area dedicated to the exchange of texts

between readers of all ages and all places.

The initiative has been organized by the “Sogeprim”, the  management

company of the shopping center, in partnership with the cultural association

“Hobbyists Millemani” in order to promote the pleasure of reading among




Bookcrossing Event

Bookcrossing Official Website

BookCrossing Italy