ISI Arti Associate Naples Italy
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Image courtesy of Giorgio Cossu, PhotoNapoli

Behind the doors of the newly opened ISI Arti Associate in Naples chic Chiaia district, a large crowd gathered Thursday evening for the opening of BLACKATCHA… once again. On display, a solo exhibit of the works of Los Angeles based artist Mark Steven Greenfield presented by the cultural associations ART 1307 and ISI Arti Associate and sponsored by the Consulate General of the United States Naples, Italy in celebration of American Black History month.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Cossu, PhotoNapoli

His second exhibit with ART 1307, Mark Steven Greenfield’s work explores the theme of oppression and the way in which dominant cultures use stereotypes and clichés to subdue and to exercise their power over other cultures. Mark explains that his exhibit “is intended to stimulate dialogue on the subject of racism in American culture, but the subject matter, by extension, could just as easily address racism on an international level.” A subject that finds common ground with Neapolitans:

The creation of completely false preconceptions and prejudices against a cultural group, ethnicity, or race is to create around it a sense of distrust and lack of credibility in order to allow the dominant culture to exercise its power through an intellectual paradigm that justifies the action. For over a century, the city of Naples has also been subject to this type of campaign and it is literally “martyred” by stereotypes and prejudices that, even if they are based in truth, are exaggerated and carried to a point of exasperation with an emphasis on clichés. Cynthia Penna, ART 1307

After cocktails and appetizers in the ISI Arti Associate Bistro, the crowd gathered for a video conference with the artist, Mark Steven Greenfield. The United States Consul General Donald L. Moore opened the conference with a discussion about one of the most defining moments in American history, the American Civil War which is nearing its 150th Anniversary and how Mark’s art is “connected to the American story.” Mark then shared with the group the history of the “minstrel” or “black face” and its significance in the African-American story. Mark explained how his work addresses the “dehumanization of the African-American image through the use of stereotypes” by making the viewer confront that very stereotype.

Image courtesy of Giorgio Cossu, PhotoNapoli

Image courtesy of Giorgio Cossu, PhotoNapoli

BLACKATCHA… once again will be on display at ISI Arti Associate through March 5th.

Dedicated to creating international cultural exchanges of art, artists and ideas, ART 1307 has been organizing exchange shows such as this since 2007. To learn more about ART 1307 and their work see:

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