…art is the deliberate creation of aesthetic sensations. Art is a work of a human being, not of nature. It is not accidental. G. Ellis Burcaw, Introduction to Museum Work, Third Edition

But what if it was accidental – a planned accident? Or spontaneous or unpredictable?

Would it still be art?

What if the artist were to become merely a tool, the agent of creativity rather than the creative force?

Would it still be art?

Two young artists known as TTOZOI, Stefano Forgione from Avellino and Pino Rossi from Naples are challenging that very precept with their artistic project entitled Muffe su Tela – Mold on Canvas.

Working out of their studio in Avellino, the duo create a set of conditions under which art can grow… and evolve. Applying natural pigments in red, yellow and blue and organic materials like water, milk, earth, and flour to canvas they unleash the power of nature. Mold spores begin to form and grow creating an explosion of colors, textures and forms on the canvas.

From conception to death, the entire life-cycle plays out on and within the canvas.

It is the artists who select the ingredients and pigments, the artists who determine their placement and the artists who decide when the work is complete, but it is nature that carries out the artistic process.  And as in all natural processes, the mold will never grow the same.

Art – conceived of by man, rendered by nature. A symbiotic relationship that results in something extraordinary. A revolutionary process that is as fascinating as it is thought-provoking.

Curated by Cynthia Penna and the Cultural Association ART 1307 Muffe su Tela opened at Villa di Donato on March 25th and the exhibit runs through April 30th by appointment.

Muffe su Tela will show in Salerno, Florence, Rome, and Amsterdam later this year and in Berlin and Los Angeles next year.