Resident geologist Ann Pizzorusso explores the geological forces at play around this beautiful city, the one with the most famous volcano on earth!

ann2 Napoli Unplugged Contributor Ann Pizzorusso is a geologist and Italian Renaissance scholar. After many years of doing virtually everything in the world of geology (drilling for oil, hunting for gems, cleaning up pollution in soil and groundwater) she turned her geologic skills toward Leonardo da Vinci Virgin of the Rocks.

Her new, prize winning book, Tweeting Da Vinci explores Italy’s geology and its affect on its art, literature, religion, medicine and just about everything else. Ann also writes the EarthScape Naples series for Napoli Unplugged and she can be found around the web tweeting and talking about Italy’s geology.

You can follow Ann’s EarthScape Naples series and follow her on Facebook  and twitter @tweetingdavinci.


Ann’s Posts

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