Starting 21 Ocotber 2010, ANM Buses Naples introduced a new service to its customers, dynamic information about bus arrival times via your mobile phone with Infodrin and via the internet with Infoclick.

Naples ANM Infordrin SystemTo use the Infodrin system, just send a text message (SMS) with the 4 digit code of the bus stop (the 4 digit number shown on the yellow stripe at the top of the bus stop sign) to 339/9941326 or TIM clients can use 41326. You will get one or more text messages back listing estimated arrival times based on satellite tracking and real-time location of vehicles on the road. You can also request information for just one line at a bus stop by entering the 4 digit code followed by the letter “L” and the bus number. For example, enter 2519LC12 for the estimated arrival time of the C12 at the Piazza Vittoria bus stop. Text messages sent to ANM are charged according to your carrier’s rate plan and return messages from ANM are free.

With ANM Buses Naples Infoclick System, you can check bus arrival times via the internet with the option to search by bus stop, bus line, or location.