Amici di Capodimonte – Friends of the Capodimonte Museum is a non-profit organisation which was set up in 2005 with the aim of promoting and supporting the museums in the Neapolitan museum network: the Museum of Capodimonte, the San Martino Charterhouse  and Museum of San MartinoCastel Sant’Elmo, the Museum Duca di Martina in Villa FloridianaVilla Pignatelli and the Certosa (charterhouse) of Capri. Each year, by providing funding as well as organisational and promotional support, the Association supports restoration projects, exhibitions, teaching workshops, scientific publications, study grants and competitions for children.

One of the most important projects is entitled Facciamo 100: un museo per tutti! – Let’s make it 100: a museum for everyone. Each year about 2,500 pupils from primary, middle and secondary schools in Naples and the province of Naples have the chance to take guided tours of the museum of Capodimonte, including transport with a private coach and educational material.

An intensive programme of guided tours is also offered to members each month with the aim of enabling them to discover and experience sites of special artistic interest in the city, as well as museums, churches, streets and old palazzi (traditional residential buildings). Members have the chance to admire all these monuments and sites of interest which are steeped in history and have fascinating stories to tell.

By becoming an “Amico di Capodimonte” (Friend of Capodimonte Museum), you enter an inner circle which involves having closer links with the museums of the Neapolitan museum network. You will have advance knowledge of programmes, successes and problems. You will also have the privilege to see the previews of all exhibitions, to take part in special guided tours and participate in meetings and discussions. The association can also support members by granting the use of museum premises or for having rooms named after them. Book and buy tickets for visits to museums and temporary exhibitions with discounts and special conditions for members; you may also benefit from the special concessions for booking and buying some art books in museum bookshops.

A museum friend will receive a personal membership card with the stamp indicating the current year. The card should be shown when required at the ticket offices of the museums in the Neapolitan museum network.

Memberships start at €30,00 for students, €80,00 for adults and payment can be made via bank transfer and PayPal. Sign up here.