Visit Naples, Discover Napoli!

Beautiful, chaotic, unbending, romantic, confusing. That is Naples, Italy and that is why I love living here.

I’m Bonnie Alberts and I’m a veteran traveler, travel writer, photographer, indie publisher, webmaster and an entrepreneur with an affinity for artistry and the creative.

For more than a decade, I have called Naples, Italy my home. An ex high-tech industry specialist, I arrived in Naples armed with a passion for historic preservation and archaeology. My boundless curiosity drove me to explore the city of Napoli and its surrounds and I quickly found myself falling for the culture and lifestyle.

Today, I am busy running two successful businesses, Napoli Unplugged and Partenope Press. I am also nurturing a newly published book, the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples, writing for Bindu Itineraries and I regularly contribute travel articles and photography to websites, books and magazines. Despite that, I still find time to travel the world and I enjoy reading, writing, and exploring life beyond my doorstep. With the world at my feet, lap top and camera in hand, I love to share my ever evolving and uniquely thought-provoking perspectives.

Join me for an insiders view of Napoli as I uncover her sights, sounds and flavors.

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