Surrender to the lure of the Greek sirens, journey to Hades along the river Styx, let Dante be your guide through Purgatory. Wander around gracious villas once inhabited by Roman emperors and see where gladiators lived, fought and died. Seek out Virgil’s divine inspiration or visit the town where Pliny took his last breath, or find the rock upon which San Gennaro was beheaded. Traverse bubbling lava fields and ascend 1,000 metres above ground to the top of a live volcano; burrow far, far below into ancient catacombs and cisterns. Explore medieval castles haunted by the ghosts of kings and queens past. Witness miracles and devotion or the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio’s Baroque and amble through royal parks and gardens, each more spectacular than the next. And then… have lunch!

Welcome to Naples, Italy

The City, The Bay... And a Bit Beyond



Gastro Napoli

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