There are places that you go to, and once is enough. And then there is Napoli. John Turturro, Passione


Porticato Villa di Poppea Villa of Poppea – Confirmation of the Villa Overlooking the Sea

The Special Superintendent for Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae reported on 29 October 2014 that studies have confirmed that the Villa of Poppea in Oplontis did in fact, overlook the sea.

TweetingDaVinci Tweeting Da Vinci

If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today, he would not just be on the cutting-edge of the art scene; he would also be at the forefront of the technological revolution, the internet, as well as scientific and medical advancements. Yet, even with this great mix, there was something else he offered-he was a great geologist. So now, he's going to be our guide to Italy, revealing many of the secrets this land has held for millennia.


Pedalling is Easy – Even Uphill

Starting October 1st, Comune di Napoli in collaboration with Naples Agency for Energy and Environment is offering incentives to those who purchase electric/pedal assisted bicycles. A discount of €200,00 and another 10% discount.

CapriBookImage Capri - The Island Revisited

There is an old library in the centre of Capri in a 14th-century building – you ring a bell, the buzzer goes and you climb the steps of a circular tower to find a quiet haven, knowledgeable staff, and a collection of books and documents dedicated exclusively to the island…

Safari Positano_2 Where to Shop in Positano

Positano is a shoppers paradise. Positano Style is synonymous with a relaxed, hippy-chic look.The small pedestrian streets are lined with shops filled with colourful dresses, handmade sandals and bright ceramics.


Bonnie Bonnie's Napoli

Passionate about my adopted home, for me Naples is the perfect canvas. From its breathtaking vistas to its rich cultural heritage, I could live here a lifetime and never see it all, photograph it all, or write about it all.

Barbara Zaragoza Barbara Zaragoza's Espresso Break

Author of the Espresso Break, the blog and the book, and the Naples (Napoli) Travel Information Guide, Barbara Zaragoza has generously willed her Naples stories to live on in the Napoli Unplugged pages.

Gillian_Avatar2 Gillian’s Amalfi Coast

Blogger, tweeter and beach girl, Gillian Longworth McGuire shares her Amalfi Coast on Napoli Unplugged. When she's not at the beach Gillian is in Rome blogging on Gillian's Lists and updating her Rome For Expats app.

Giuseppe at Porta Nolana Market Cooking with Giuseppe

A native Neapolitan and passionate cook, Giuseppe Topo's traditional Neapolitan recipes… and not only!

Ann Pizzorusso Ann Pizzorusso's EarthScape Naples

Resident geologist Ann Pizzorusso explores the geological forces at play around this beautiful city, the one with the most famous volcano on earth!

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