There are places that you go to, and once is enough. And then there is Napoli. John Turturro, Passione


How to get to Positano : How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

How do you get to Positano/Amalfi/Minori from Naples? This is a question that gets asked a lot here on Napoli Unplugged. By bus, ferry, and private driver, Gillian tells us how to get to Positano the Amalfi Coast from Naples and Rome.

OdiousMatilde2 Matilde Serao

The writer Matilde Serao (1856-1927) wrote twenty-nine novels during her lifetime and is best known for having founded the daily Neapolitan newspaper Il Mattino. The newspaper still is the most widely read daily of southern Italy.

Bruce_Springsteen From Neapolis to New Jersey: genealogy of a lyrical alchemist

Between the Boss and Naples inhabits a perennial river of hearts and souls spanning thousands of miles across all the oceans with one of its fundamental springs to be found in Vico Equense, on the bay of Naples, where Springsteen’s (maternal) grandfather was born and lived until he decided to leave his native land.

Saint Patricia's Tomb Saint Patricia

Every Tuesday morning at the San Gregorio Armeno Church, Saint Patricia’s blood liquifies after the 9:30 a.m. service. She is the patroness saint of Naples and her remains as well as a tooth and a wax imitation of her body lie inside a coffin at a side altar.

JourneyToItaly Naples on the Big Screen: Rossellini makes it – just in time

In Journey to Italy, the art-exuding sites enveloped in a millenary history contribute to an ephemeral atmosphere, where art, myths and archaeological excavations suddenly become a daunting reminder of human finiteness.


Bonnie Bonnie's Napoli

Passionate about my adopted home, for me Naples is the perfect canvas. From its breathtaking vistas to its rich cultural heritage, I could live here a lifetime and never see it all, photograph it all, or write about it all.

Barbara Zaragoza Barbara Zaragoza's Espresso Break

Author of the Espresso Break, the blog and the book, and the Naples (Napoli) Travel Information Guide, Barbara Zaragoza has generously willed her Naples stories to live on in the Napoli Unplugged pages.

Gillian_Avatar2 Gillian’s Amalfii Coast

Blogger, tweeter, app writer, and beach girl, Gillian Longworth McGuire shares her Amalfi Coast on Napoli Unplugged and in her app Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials.

Giuseppe at Porta Nolana Market Cooking with Giuseppe

A native Neapolitan and passionate cook, Giuseppe Topo's traditional Neapolitan recipes… and not only!

Ann Pizzorusso Ann Pizzorusso's EarthScape Naples

Resident geologist Ann Pizzorusso explores the geological forces at play around this beautiful city, the one with the most famous volcano on earth!

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